Wax Tulip Mania

Wax Tulip Mania by Mona Oren

A collective artwork composed of 10,000 Wax Tulips

At the heart of the Wax Tulip Mania project, the artist Mona Oren imagines to flower the world through a collective artwork. Created in her Parisian studio, flower bouquets will travel to your home, forming virtually, a vast Tulip field.

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For twenty years, Mona Oren has been creating a protean body of work that brings together drawing, photography, video and installation.
Its center of gravity is however, wax sculpture.

Led to art by her desire to be in contact with material substances, volumes and surfaces, she creates three-dimensional artworks, which are then put into different settings by means of spatialization, transcription, photographic series or video.
Wax, a living, organic material that one may perceive in terms of its vulnerability: fragile, sensitive to aging or heat, it is under a constant threat of deformation.
It is also the intimate, chosen medium by the artist.

During the spring of 2020 "in hibernation", the idea of seeing the world bloom germinates in the spirit of Mona Oren.
She wants to disseminate Wax Tulips all over the world and invites you to acquire and collect her Tulip Bouquets as fragments of a growing global field.
A symbolic gesture of rebirth through a virtual artwork.

Collection - Wax Tulip Mania

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How to participate

  1. Order your Wax Tulip bouquet.
  2. Take a picture of your bouquet and, indicating your city, send it to the artist by email to monaoren@gmail.com or on instagram
  3. Check into the virtual installation online to see our Wax Tulip field evolving with time.

May the Wax Tulip Mania of the 21st century begin!

With love and care,
Yours truly,
Mona Oren

Wax Tulip bouquet

Tulip field