Wax tulip Project

Wax Tulip Mania

An artwork composed of 10,000 White Wax Tulips

During this period of world-wide confinement, I have been sculpting bouquets of wax Tulips that will travel from my home-studio in Paris to your home, then gathered to create a virtual field of flowers.

Buy bouquet 60€ * Shipping costs included
tulip bouquet


Together we will be spreading these White Wax Tulips far and wide to create a collaborative field as a way to join people again.

In hope to come out of this crisis more connected to one another, I am inviting everyone to acquire and collect the Tulip bouquets, each one a fragment of an evergrowing field, as we make earth bloom collaboratively.

How can I participate?

  1. Order your Wax Tulip bouquet. Each bouquet is composed of five flowers, wrapped in gold Organza fabric and well protected inside a box.
  2. Take a picture of the bouquet and send it to me, indicating the location in which you live.
  3. Check into the virtual installation on my website to see our Wax Tulip field evolving.

May the Wax Tulip Mania of the 21st century begin!

With love and care,
Yours truly,
Mona Oren

Wax Tulip bouquet

Tulip field

Each dot represents a Wax Tulip bouquet
You can drag the tulips on the map and click on the hollow ones to view their image.